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Meet ArLynn, Long-Time Whitney Wreath Customer

ArLynn has been a Whitney Wreath customer since the very beginning.  Back in 1988, David Whitney, founder and CEO, decided to sell Maine Christmas wreaths during his college years.  He spread the word by placing an ad in the New York Times. ArLynn saw the ad, placed an order, and thus began a tradition for her and her friends for the next 30 years.  

“I read an ad in the New York Times - the tiniest ad but it packed a wallop of a story:  a young man from Maine determined to get through college utilizing what was available to him, namely the pine and fir trees of his native state.  His mother took my orders.  I sent wreaths to all my out-of-town relatives, business associates and friends.”

ArLynn gets her Christmas shopping done early, and Whitney Wreath is how she does it.  By the time Thanksgiving is over, she has ordered Christmas wreaths for a dozen people and selected her desired delivery dates. She chooses to forego tussling with random strangers at Walmart or hunching over a computer late at night in search for the perfect gift.  

“Whitney Wreath is how I start the Christmas season.  I put together a list of the folks I want to honor, but who might prove to stretch my Christmas energies too much.  Back before Amazon, out-of-town loved ones and business colleagues meant finding something, heading out to the UPS store, boxing, packing and arguing with the packing tape.  Whitney Wreath means a mind clear of headaches, secure in the knowledge that for some people, that wreath is going to open their own season.”


ArLynn has continued ordering from Whitney Wreath because of the rave reviews and enthusiastic thank you notes she receives after her recipients open their Christmas wreaths.

She explains, “One person who's been on the list since the beginning tells me that he keeps the wreath up all year long, sweeping the brown needles off the hallway floor right up until the delivery of next year's wreath.  One person writes me thank you notes that are so effusive that I almost want to send him two wreaths!”

A recent recipient conveys his gratitude to her saying, “It wouldn’t be Christmas without a lovely and fragrant wreath from you, ArLynn.  I hate to take anything for granted, but you've spoiled me and I do look forward to it. Thank you.”

This year, for the first time ever, ArLynn received her very own Whitney Wreath. Watch her open her Whitney Wreath here and listen to her story firsthand.

We hope you enjoy your wreath this year, ArLynn! Thank you for being a faithful Whitney Wreath customer for these 30 years.

“Whitney is an enduring part of my created Christmas celebration,” ArLynn remarks.

We delight in spreading Christmas cheer and helping folks start their holiday with our fresh Maine Christmas wreaths, centerpieces and door sprays. From our door, to your door, for your door!

Get yours by ordering a Whitney Wreath Christmas wreath through our online store.

David Whitney

CEO, Whitney Wreath


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