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Happy 30th Anniversary Whitney Wreath!

The year was 1988. Do you remember? Where were you in 1988?

Many of us were fascinated with the Nintendo video game system, watching Cheers and movies like Die Hard and Cocktail, listening to Guns N’ Roses, and sporting acid-washed, pleated jeans. Milk was $1.89 a gallon and Bush and Dukakis were running for election.

And me, well, I was putting George Michael’s words “gotta have faith” into action by starting a new business in Downeast Maine called Whitney Originals, better known now as Whitney Wreath.

It’s been 30 years since the start of Whitney Originals. When I reminisce about these past decades, three distinct markers come to mind:

  1.  Marrying my beautiful wife, Holly

  2.  The birth of our three children: Michon, Coleton and Ashton

  3.  The beginning of Whitney Originals in 1988

Whitney Originals began because I am an entrepreneur at heart and I love Downeast Maine. I had moved away after graduating from college, but not for long. I missed my home. There’s just something so wonderful about this area. I love the smell, the different seasons, the ocean, the freshwater lakes, the blueberries. And the balsam fir.

I love the smell of a balsam fir Christmas wreath. Is that weird? Anyone who knows me would not be surprised! I first encountered the fragrance when I was eight years old, a story to be told another time (stay tuned). It was the beginning of my love of Christmas wreaths, and the process of making a product with my own hands for families to enjoy during the holiday season.

I love the people of Maine. It’s like a big family and the perfect place to raise one. Like a family, sometimes we get on each other’s nerves, but when the chips are down for individuals or families - if someone’s house burns, if someone dies, if someone becomes gravely ill - everybody huddles around to support them. The people of Downeast Maine are just so solid.

As we mark our 30th year of making Christmas wreaths, I am truly blessed and thankful for the opportunity to grow one of the largest producers of fresh Christmas wreaths in the country. I am thankful for our customers and our hardworking team without whom none of this would be possible.

So this year we celebrate. We celebrate 30 years of a dream come true, 30 years of business in a community we love and serve, a community where we play and work, a community we call home.

There’s no place like it.

David Whitney
CEO, Whitney Wreath

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