How to Keep Christmas Wreaths Fresh

Your Maine Christmas wreath from Whitney Wreath has arrived! How do you maintain that fresh, balsam fir fragrance so that it lasts throughout the holiday season?  Fortunately, if you purchase your wreath from us, our products do not sit in a warehouse for days prior to shipping.  Our process ensures that your wreath arrives on your doorstep fresh, full and fragrant.  You can order your door wreath ahead of time and choose the shipping date upon checkout to plan for the perfect delivery time for your holiday celebration. Some of our customers tell us our wreaths last long after Christmas, even into February!

However, we realize that various locations across our country experience different climates and weather patterns so here are three tips on how to keep your Christmas wreaths fresh throughout the holiday season.

1.   Unpack your wreath immediately.  Once the wreath arrives, be sure to take it out of the box, even if you are not ready to hang it yet.  This keeps the wreath well-ventilated and will maintain the beautiful green color and freshness of the balsam fir. Remember to fluff and straighten the bow before hanging as the wreath tends to get jostled during shipping.


2.   Display in a cool location, preferably outside.  Your front door is an ideal location to hang your wreath. If possible, avoid heat and direct sunlight as this dries out the needles, causing them to fade and brown.  If you do wish to display your wreath indoors for a special event or dinner, keep it outside until the day of your party for maximum freshness.


3.   Mist with water to keep the wreath moist.  Fill a spray bottle with water and mist every other day to keep the balsam fir tips hydrated.  Focus on the back of the tips so that the boughs will drink in the water. This will keep the wreath from drying out too quickly.


Some folks also use a wreath preservative spray, such as Wilt Pruf or some use hairspray to trap the moisture into the wreath.  These methods can be helpful, but are not necessary with wreaths from Whitney Wreath. 

We have been making balsam fir products for 30 years and have found that even if you do nothing but unpack and display your wreath, you will enjoy its brilliance and fragrance through the holidays and beyond.  But don’t take our word for it.  You can read what our customers have to say on our Facebook reviews.

A Christmas wreath made of wonderful fragrant balsam will put smiles on the faces of guests, friends, and family as you welcome them to your home this holiday season. Order yours today!


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